Boosting Safety at Marine Docks with Motion Sensor LED Lights

In marine sites, docks are high-activity locations that are ongoing throughout the day and night. As a common area for boats, shipping companies, loaders, cranes, forklifts and containers, it is important to keep the location properly illuminated.

These days, dock operators are turning to LED lamps with motion sensors to automate such requirements.

Security and Illumination

Motion sensor LED lights for docks come with numerous benefits. For safety, the components can instantly activate LED lamps upon sensing the presence of workers. Without needing to manually activate lights, individuals could save time. For light switches that are located far from the general work area, this is a huge advantage.

A timer for deactivation may also be used to replace manual controls when turning off the LED lamp. Depending on the task, a specific period of time should be allotted for work conducted in the area. For walkways, timed settings do not have to be long (activation is also more frequent in such areas). On the other hand, loading sites or areas subject to frequent inspection will likely require extended timed settings.

From a security perspective, motion sensors may help deter criminal activity at the work site. This practice is applicable to sections of the dock where deliveries are stored or accepted.

Pole Mounted LED Lamps and Motion Sensors

In order to get the most out of motion sensors, the units must be installed properly. In buildings, motion sensors are typically setup on ceilings or walls. However, at outdoor sites and marine docks, surfaces for installation are severely lacking.

As a solution, pole-mounted motion sensor LED lights are effective for improving the scope of the motion sensor. Operators may also choose to install the motion sensor in a different location – away from the LED light. This is applicable to illuminating entry and exit points at the dock.

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